Insecure modeΒΆ

Version 0.7.0 of Centrifuge introduced new insecure mode.

To start Centrifuge in this mode use CENTRIFUGE_INSECURE environment variable:

CENTRIFUGE_INSECURE=1 centrifuge --logging=debug --debug --config=config.json

You can also set insecure option to true in configuration file to do the same.

Insecure mode:

  • disables client timestamp and token check
  • allows anonymous access for all channels
  • allows client to publish into all channels
  • suppresses connection check

When using insecure mode you can create client connection in this way:

var centrifuge = new Centrifuge({
    "url": url,
    "project": project,
    "insecure": true

Note that there is no token, user and timestamp parameters so you can connect to Centrifuge without any backend code.

This allows to use Centrifuge as a quick and simple solution when making real-time demos, presentations, testing ideas etc. But this is only for personal demonstration use cases - this mode should never work in production until you really want it to be there.

Look at demo to see insecure mode in action.