Centrifuge was developed and tested on Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. The work on other systems is not guaranteed. On windows Centrifuge works with Memory Engine only.

It is written in Python. Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 supported.

You can find nice guide about how to install Python on Mac OS X or Linux here and here respectively

To isolate Centrifuge environment it is recommended to use virtualenv. If you are not familiar with it yet - please, make time and read about it here

virtualenv --no-site-packages centrifuge/env
. centrifuge/env/bin/activate

On Python 3 make sure you have pip installed:

curl -O
easy_install pip
pip install centrifuge

Now you can run centrifuge:

centrifuge --config=config.json

We will talk about configuration file later in documentation.

Btw, you can speed up Centrifuge using ‘ujson’ module. As Centrifuge works a lot with JSON data - you can install ujson module to improve performance significantly. pip install ujson will do the work. This step is optional as Centrifuge uses built-in json module if no ujson available.